Friday, July 31, 2009


FreeRinger allows you to make free international calls to over 30 countries right from your browser. No need to download and install anything but simply register on the site and follow the calling guide below:
(1) Enter your friend’s phone number (incl. a country code) and press “CALL” button.
(2) Ask your friend to call you back at the number displayed on their phone (you have 10 seconds).
(3) Stay on the line and wait for your friend o dail he number and join you back on the call.
Make free mobile and landline calls to 30+ countries worldwide.

Make as many calls as you need. No restrictions.
Recipients always asked to dial local numbers (same as calling a place in their neighborhood)
See a list of supported countries here.
Embed FreeRinger on your blog or website and allow your visitors to make free calls.

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